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Differentiate Four Similar MEN’S Hair Pieces

Differentiate Four Similar MEN’S Hair Pieces


Jun 08, 2022

For new people who are investigating men hair system’s and looking to try one, it is natural to go through different emotional transitions like fear, doubt, anxiety and eagerness. After you have made the decision to try one, you should pick a style that will suit you.

A men’s hair system is made up of two parts - the base and the hair. Simply speaking, the hair is knotted onto the base to make a stable a hair system.

Most hair systems are made from Indian human hair and this makes your choice much easier!

Here are the differences between four hair systems with similar bases.

These four styles are Eros, Mirage, Coeus and Achilles.

Base Thickness

What differences can you tell from looking at these four styles? All these four bases are made with the same full skin (polyurethane) but in different thicknesses. Eros has the thinnest skin while Achilles has the thickest skin among them. Here are their thicknesses:

Eros: 0.02-0.03 mm

Mirage: 0.04 – 0.05 mm

Coeus: 0.1 mm

Achilles: 0.12-0.14 mm

The thinner the base is, the less you will feel it on your head and subsequently, the more it costs.

Eros has a base of 0.02-0.03mm. Can you even imagine how a craftsman makes a base this thin? It requires a delicate technique to accomplish, careful handling and longest amount of time to finish. Eros has a 10% probability of failure. Once it fails, the whole process needs to be started over again. With such a thin base, you need to handle it very carefully, especially when applying and removing it.

Eros is the choice of most businessmen. With the undetectable hairline and the skintight fit, you don't need to worry about your hair anymore and it will equip you to take back control in the challenging business world.

Mirage is just a little thicker than Eros and is a good alternative of Eros.

Coeus and Achilles have a comparatively thicker base, although they surely will last longer and are more cost-effective considering the longer use you will get from them.


This image shows the different percentages of each hair density.

Here are the densities of these four bases:

Eros: 90% Light to Medium Light Hair density

Mirage: 95% Medium Light Hair density

Coeus: 115% Medium Light to Medium Hair density

Achilles: 130% Medium Hair density

The concept is simple. The thicker the base is, the more hair it can hold.


The thicker the base is, the longer it will last.

Eros: 1-2 months

Mirage: 2-3 months

Coeus: 3-6 months

Achilles: 3-6 months

Wave and Curl

For the 4 hair systems, Eros and Mirage have a bit tight curls than Coeus and Achillies. Eros and Mirage has a curl of 28mm rod size while Coeus and Achilles have 30mm rod size. They are all slight wave and can be styled more loose wave and tighter curl.

Realistic Looking

Compared to lace hair units, these 4 skin hair styles are very realistic looking because there are no knots for skin units. Check how these 4 styles look in person through below pictures. From left to right, they are wearing Eros, Mirage, Coeus, and Achilles hair systems:

Now, you should have a general idea about the differences among these four full skin styles. The major difference is the base thickness. Thicker bases can hold higher density hair and have a longer lifespan and are more economical. Thinner base holds a lower density hair, usually has a shorter lifespan, but better wearing experience and more comfortable and realistic.If you are looking for realistic front hairline Eros and Mirage is the best choice.