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Production Time

Production time refers to the time taken to make the hair system. It does NOT include the time used for the following things:

-Consulting with us

-Sending in old hair systems, samples, templates, etc.

-Discussing uncertain order details after we receive your payment.


 In stock

48 hours delivery; delivery time Monday to Friday.

Customized products

shipped in 4-6 weeks.

Provide DHL or FedEx, PO BOX does not send.

Shipping time: 4-6 days.

Freight :

Over $150 enjoy free shipping.

The order of 0-149 US dollars, 20 US dollars shipping (United State, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kindom, Belgium, Netherlands, Mexico, Poland), $39 in other countries.

The expedited fee is $39.

Above production time is for most hair systems. Some complicated and special hair systems cannot be completed within that time frame, like silk top, extra-long hair and extra heavy density, etc. If you need a hair system within a specific time frame, please consult our customer service team before you place your order.


Customs Clearance

Customers are responsible for customs clearance costs. Please contact Customer Service if you have further questions.